Donnerstag, 28. Juli 2011


(Rise Against - Anyway You Want It)

Sale at! And I desperately wanted Vivienne Westwood jewelery. Honestly, I love her stuff. PunkGlamourGothicCrown-Stuff, exactly the stuff I want is on sale, but still expensive... Don't know if I should or shouldn't buy it...

Well, that's the stuff:
57 £, reduced from 115 £

from 180 £ to 90 £

still thinking of 'em... from 150 to 75

not on sale, but nice though... 60p.

Geez, I need to get rich. Or die trying. Whatever.

Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

Count to 6...

(count to 6 and die - marilyn manson // piano cover)

Strange mood today. I'm just hanging around all day, spent the night reading (a book about facebook, google, apple and twitter, how they collect data, about trends in the internet, or better, how the world wide web's getting "out". yep, clouds are the thing to go.) and the day playing keyboard and guitar. Guitar of course with Ray's plectrum (that was just thrown but he didn't use it, I know why, it's not thaaaat handy), keyboard all morning today. Until now. Because I'm slightly getting really depressed. It's dark outside, the weather is more like autumn than summer (good for me, don't have to hide from the sun 'cause there ain't no sun :D), I didn't turn the lights on inside the house and played count to 6 and die by Marilyn Manson the whole time in every pitch possible on my keyboard (honestly not really mine but my dad's, I didn't play for aaaages on it). I've started the day with playing Coma White but it was too fast to play for 2 hours of sleep, so I played this - the video I posted here helped with the notes - until I'm in a way too gloomy mood now. Damn it.
Do you know days like this? Really, I could drown myself right now. Oh and now there's thunder outside. Yeah. Perfect. Guess I'll go on with playing something sad and depressing now. And I'll light a candle. Better not. And I'll stop playing MM-songs. It's just since I've got the album I had had had to play that song. Such a catchy tune. A depressing catchy tune, but awesome. And ridiculously simple to play.

Sorry for writing so much, had to clear my confused head with this .___.
Sooooo, forget what you've read. I've got two pics to show ya.
First off, I painted my nails black. First time. Oh and these nails are fake, but look quite real because they are short. At least long for me, 'cause mine are even shorter, that's why I don't use nail-polish usually. Somehow... black nails are strange. But I like it somehow.

Second: I've got something from my dear friend Mona from Vienna! The funny thing about us is that we are friend on Facebook and have each others mail-address and so on, but we write letters. Up to 20 pages or something. Feels so nicely oldfashioned and much more personal than an email imo. And we sometimes add little gifts. So I've got this silver necklace with pendant from her! Poor picture quality, my camera doesn't like small things.

And I'm in love with dresses like this one lately. And with elegant styling. Black dress and red lipstick. A woman needs nothing more to look stunning. Too sad I don't have an occasion to wear something like this for now. Theatre-season's over.


ftw von .senta., logo handbags enthaltend

Montag, 25. Juli 2011

Style Selection: Paint it black

Couldn't resist using this title and song, sorry! :D

Well, why just wear white in summer? I like black better on myself, so here are a few ideas:

 sources from left to right:; accordingtoannica via chictopia,; cayeconceocion via chictopia, kisforkani via chictopia:; reneesturme via chictopia;; iamappleorchord via chictopia

Sonntag, 24. Juli 2011

Who needs love?

(Razorlight - who needs love?)

Hey there guys,
yeeeeeah, I've got time for blogging again! Everything's over. All the stress, all the "you have to get up early", all this being surrounded by so many people, all this hugging and screaming. Suddenly there's silence. Strange somehow, but relaxing.

Well, let's start this post with Friday. Last show. Somehow strange it's over. And I don't know why I've got drunk after two glasses of whiskey and a half glass (not even half I guess) of absinthe. Maybe 'cause I didn't eat anything the whole day. Maybe because I didn't drink for weeks ('cause I took antibiotics) or maybe even because of the antibiotics, Friday was the last day of my 10-days treatment (another thing I'm glad about. No pills anymore!). However, three o'clock was way too early and I felt way too drunk. But I didn't had a hangover next morning. If I remember correctly, I never ever had a real hangover. And this was the first or second time I felt drunk, but I guess I wasn't even drunk, 'cause when I was home I felt pretty well. Hm, enough about that. I shouldn't blog about drinking experiences :D I'm just glad I didn't have to drive home. That's another thing why I usually don't drink when I'm out.

Eeeeehm... next topic.
Concert. I've been at another festival next day, on Saturday, with a friend of mine and her friend. I wasn't that much of a Razorlight-fan, just knew some songs, but whooo, they were awesome live. Plus the bassist was so strange and funny :D I guess the song I'm posting here was one of my favourites, first of all because of the lyrics. North London Trash also was awesome, In The City strange, disturbing but interesting, as a summary I thought everything sounded waaaay better live than on the records I heard. One thing that bothered me was just how Johnny looked like that day. Sick and ill somehow. Huge lacrimal sacs and shadows under his eyes, very pale... however, his voice was awesome, he jumped down the stage that was too high (I was standing first row and just saw heads and shoulders, not only 'cause I'm short), ran through the audience, I even had to help him climb over the fence again (grabbed his leg 'cause he was almost fallin' down :D poor guy). Another thing that scared me were the great balloons that some guys threw into the audience. I've got a natural fear from balls and stuff (broke my nose once because a football hit my nose and glasses) and the guy next to me had his elbows on the same height as my face was and he always grabbed the balloons...
Before I'm writing too much again, here are some photos I took:

a string broke :D

Johnny, don't run so faaaaaast...

so many people on the hill... and the scary balloons

three strange girls o.o
I'm so in the mood for concerts still... Don't know if I should get myself tickets for Front Line Assembly on 11th September in Munich. Only 22€, and the band is A-W-E-S-O-M-E. But first I need to convince some people to join me. Going on concerts alone is boring. And also I guess I'll run out of money with that many concerts.

Also, please take a minute thinking of the almost 100 people that got killed in Norway. It's harrowing how unsafe we are, how violent extremists are, how they use violence against children and adolescents. Can't finish a post at the moment without mentioning this, because I'm quite affected by these news.

Still have a nice Sunday, I'll spend mine lazy with sleeping, reading and gaming.

Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2011

This is the new s***

(Marilyn Manson - This is the new shit // uncensored)

Song not only chosen because it matches this post, also because my MM-fanatism has been reanimated by a little birthday gift (thanks for that at this point!).
I didn't had the time to blog or comment lately because I'm at school around the clock for theatre group, we've got our shows this week, that's where I have to go now too, so just let me show ya the new shit I've got last Friday.

Romper by Promod, 34€ on sale, looks almost like a skirt, but I couldn't dress Sisi properly because it actually is not a dress ;) 

also by Promod and on sale, got it for 15€, I want to alter it a little... redo the underskirt so I can wear a petticoat underneath

Well, bye then, have to do my hair and put some make-up on, before the girls in the mask can butcher me....

Samstag, 16. Juli 2011

It's done, it's done :D

(In Flames - Deliver Us // a little obsessed now, cause maybe - well, not only maybe - I'll go to their concert :D)

Sorry I didn't have the time for posting yesterday... too tired. I'm still not really well, but I had to work. Hm, work... walking two hours around in the city in a funny costume handing out programmes for the theater wasn't really work, but funny. It was the same costume I wore last time and people again thought I was Capt'n Jack Sparrow ^^
And after that I was in another city nearby spending hours in the city and shopping centre because I had to waste time 'till my dog's hair got cut. Poodle... No choice.
But I've bought a romper (my very first one!) and a skirt on sale there. Photos tomorrow!

Anyway, now, the blue tunic/dress I've drawn some-when is finally finished! Very finished. No spot that doesn't fall well anymore. Proud of myself.

Oh and I've drawn down how I want to decorate a white hat... if I find one that's good enough and cheap :D The ones I saw at H&M were to flabby, another one's brim not broad enough. Nw... not easy to find the perfect hat for this :D
The plan is decorating it with a lace ribbon (light grey or something) and adding flowers on one side, but the interesting part is that I wanna glue only a few petals on the brim and on the inner brim to create an effect like in my drawing.

don't look at the stuff in the background. I was bored :D
 And my blouse from Bodyline came! Cute, isn't it? So much lace... Got it for 10€ 2nd hand, but it wasn't even worn.

Oh and I didn't introduce you to my new model: Sisi! That's the bonus I've got for my burda-sub, just about 3 months later...

Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

Style Selection: Black and White

(Kanon Wakeshima - Suna No Oshiro)

First off: Hurray for Japan, get the title, girls! I'm not very much into soccer (10 people running after a ball, one waiting for a ball to come, somehow I don't get the fascination about it), but I had to write this ^_-
Still I wish the American girls also luck. Though my heart beats for Japan.

But now a little intermission-post. Tomorrow I'll post some new stuff I've got and the hat I've drawn. I may already told you that I want to buy a simple white hat and decorate it.

Yes, here are the most beautiful black and white outfits I saw the last weeks. Dresses with black and white pattern not counted! I think it is a wonderful and classic combination, but you also can combine it in a surprisingly new or unusual way. You never go wrong with black and white ;)

first row from left: kisforkani, Elaine L, amos_photography, Steffi Santa from The Daydreamer; second row from left: mousevoxvintage, petrakieva, voodoo_mary and gogosushi (everything from ex. Steffi Santa taken from Chictopia)

Alice: Madness Returns!

(Main Theme)

Hey there guys,
since I'm sick (angina, so I have to stay at home, quarantine for me -.-') I'm playing games. Still not through with everything I bought lately (not that hardcore-gamer, I just can't find the time) I HAD to start playing the new Alice game. Yes, the typical Gothic Lolita game :D
Also because of the many dresses you can unlock through the game.
I have to sew some of them, really, they are soooo very beautiful!

Here are the dresses, maids ;)

 You're starting the game in reality, so that's what poor Alice is wearing. But I'd like to sew this one too somehow. With a detachable apron, so I can wear it normally. And washed of course, guess if I'd go to a con or something I'll just make it fake-dirty :D

Red crosses mark now the ones I don't wanna sew, question-marks the ones I'd alter.

the character-dresses and most freakin' dress, fleshmaid. Somehow Gaga-inspired :D

gotta sew 'em all!!! Especially the second. Steampunk! ^_^

But first I've gotta sew what I've already planned, so... no time!
Bye meeeeee ~ (too much lucky channel)

Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

Misery Loves Company

(Emilie Autumn - Misery Loves Company Instrumental)

As promised, now I've got time, here are the photos of my outfit on my birthday:

That's the skirt I sewed a while ago btw. ;)
Do you know who I think looks a little like me in the first two pics?
Mugi from the K-On! anime :D
See the eyebrows? ^^

Yeah, really have to do something against this... though it'll hurt like hell.

Oh and please hype my look on Chictopia and LB if you like it ^_- *advertisement*

Happy Birthday to me

(The Vandals - Happy Birthday to me)

As I mentioned in my last post, I had birthday on Monday... I'm not so happy turning 20, but hey, at least not a teenager anymore. It's only that 20 sounds mature... one thing I definitely ain't.
I didn't celebrate yet (don't think I'll celebrate anyway, I haven't celebrated a birthday since I'm 16 or somethin'), only were out with my parents at a fine restaurant. A really nice one. Haven't eaten so good for years o.o
Well, that's what I've got from them so far:

my fav perfume

new watch by Citizen (well, I picked it...)
I'll also get a set of dinnerware, but it didn't come yet...
More exactly, this stuff:

everything in that style... by PIP studio, just mentioning. They've got awesome stuff!

The outfit I was wearing in my next post, see ya!

Sonntag, 10. Juli 2011

Part III

(Metronomy - The Bay)

There is still something left I've gotta post, but this is the last one, promise!

I was really impressed by Iris van Herpen, one of the best collections in my opinion:

Every piece is soooo special. Definitely something different.

Patrick Mohr was somehow interesting, but not as spectacular as I hoped...

I also liked Michalsky much... very wearable:

Plisée, plisée!

And last but not least: Lala Berlin.

Another post tomorrow or a day later, 'cause I'm gonna be 20 tomorrow. Feeling soooo... old. Though it's just a number.