Dienstag, 5. Juli 2011


("Mon amour, mon amie" from 8 femmes)

Just two sketches I made last week (on Friday night I guess, don't remember exactly anymore). I already started sewing the blue one, which is quite simple, but yet tricky, 'cause I don't have enough fabric, so I need to alter it a little. Maybe I need to sew a frill at the end of it. I'll see ;)

I promised myself I'll start the pink skirt just when I've finished the blue. So.. be curious what I'm gonna do with that one. It's a remaining too, one I've seen in my mom's locker. Guess it'll be enough for a cute little Ama-Lolita skirt. Not sure about the exact amount of lace yet, but the hearts will remain, I love 'em somehow ^^

Btw., just watched 8 femmes now... such a great movie! It's a French one, set in the 50's, with the most beautiful female French actresses. The songs in there are so great, the outfits so lovely and the story quite catching. A little Agatha Christie like. The "Who is the murder" game. But still very exciting, though I saw the movie already.
Virginie Ledoyen who was singing that song (love her ensemble) 
 If you've got the chance and love vintage fashion, watch that movie ;) Catherine Deneuve also was awesome in that movie. Plus the dresses she was wearing!

Have a nice week ;)


  1. Beautiful sketches! So talented. I haven't seen 8 femmes.. Ill have to check it out!

    xx rk


  2. Hi there! You make wonderful sketches - these are just great! Thanks for reviewing the movie 8 Femmes, maybe its something I should watch out for - I don't think it's being shown yet in my country! Cheers! -Mar

  3. Your sketches look great!:)I'm looking forward to see the blue dress finished!


  4. awesome, i'm going to have to check that movie out! :) hope you can check out my blog for some+vibes and inspiration! i'm also having a great giveaway! xo

  5. ur sketches are really beautiful!u know i'd love to see that movie too.i am a great movie fan :))) thanks for sharing this!


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