Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

Alice: Madness Returns!

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Hey there guys,
since I'm sick (angina, so I have to stay at home, quarantine for me -.-') I'm playing games. Still not through with everything I bought lately (not that hardcore-gamer, I just can't find the time) I HAD to start playing the new Alice game. Yes, the typical Gothic Lolita game :D
Also because of the many dresses you can unlock through the game.
I have to sew some of them, really, they are soooo very beautiful!

Here are the dresses, maids ;)

 You're starting the game in reality, so that's what poor Alice is wearing. But I'd like to sew this one too somehow. With a detachable apron, so I can wear it normally. And washed of course, guess if I'd go to a con or something I'll just make it fake-dirty :D

Red crosses mark now the ones I don't wanna sew, question-marks the ones I'd alter.

the character-dresses and most freakin' dress, fleshmaid. Somehow Gaga-inspired :D

gotta sew 'em all!!! Especially the second. Steampunk! ^_^

But first I've gotta sew what I've already planned, so... no time!
Bye meeeeee ~ (too much lucky channel)


  1. I must say I always get a little angry when I see copies or 'interpretations' of my favorite literature characters (Alice is one of them) but I cannot deny these drawings and the mood of them are really attracting. I wish I knew how to sew and make dresses myself to copy some of these. hope you get better soon pretty!

  2. amazing pics...and their clothes are so interesting

  3. You False,My Friend Have The Game,He Is Have All Dresses And The Raw Dresses He Have It,He Say "The All Dresses Can You Found It After You Beating The Dollmaker


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