Mittwoch, 27. Juli 2011

Count to 6...

(count to 6 and die - marilyn manson // piano cover)

Strange mood today. I'm just hanging around all day, spent the night reading (a book about facebook, google, apple and twitter, how they collect data, about trends in the internet, or better, how the world wide web's getting "out". yep, clouds are the thing to go.) and the day playing keyboard and guitar. Guitar of course with Ray's plectrum (that was just thrown but he didn't use it, I know why, it's not thaaaat handy), keyboard all morning today. Until now. Because I'm slightly getting really depressed. It's dark outside, the weather is more like autumn than summer (good for me, don't have to hide from the sun 'cause there ain't no sun :D), I didn't turn the lights on inside the house and played count to 6 and die by Marilyn Manson the whole time in every pitch possible on my keyboard (honestly not really mine but my dad's, I didn't play for aaaages on it). I've started the day with playing Coma White but it was too fast to play for 2 hours of sleep, so I played this - the video I posted here helped with the notes - until I'm in a way too gloomy mood now. Damn it.
Do you know days like this? Really, I could drown myself right now. Oh and now there's thunder outside. Yeah. Perfect. Guess I'll go on with playing something sad and depressing now. And I'll light a candle. Better not. And I'll stop playing MM-songs. It's just since I've got the album I had had had to play that song. Such a catchy tune. A depressing catchy tune, but awesome. And ridiculously simple to play.

Sorry for writing so much, had to clear my confused head with this .___.
Sooooo, forget what you've read. I've got two pics to show ya.
First off, I painted my nails black. First time. Oh and these nails are fake, but look quite real because they are short. At least long for me, 'cause mine are even shorter, that's why I don't use nail-polish usually. Somehow... black nails are strange. But I like it somehow.

Second: I've got something from my dear friend Mona from Vienna! The funny thing about us is that we are friend on Facebook and have each others mail-address and so on, but we write letters. Up to 20 pages or something. Feels so nicely oldfashioned and much more personal than an email imo. And we sometimes add little gifts. So I've got this silver necklace with pendant from her! Poor picture quality, my camera doesn't like small things.

And I'm in love with dresses like this one lately. And with elegant styling. Black dress and red lipstick. A woman needs nothing more to look stunning. Too sad I don't have an occasion to wear something like this for now. Theatre-season's over.


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