Montag, 4. Juli 2011

I'm really not okay

...'cause I'm still feeling so weirdly happy :D
Well, let me tell just a little. I won't bore you for so long, I promise.
First I'm gonna spare you the details of getting there and how I wanted to kill my friend Charlotte who won all the tickets, because she came so late. That's why we were standing on the sides and not at the "catwalk" where Gerard was standing (or crawling). At least, he sometimes was on the normal stage too. And I saw him even from the side. But I was first row on the side, just in front of Ray, what was a great coincidence because I always filmed his fingers during his guitar-solos (because I still can't figure out some parts while listening to the records). Ehm, well playlist. They played mostly the Danger Days stuff (live waaaaaaay better than on the album), Helena and I'm not okay from the Three Cheers album and Black Parade, Teenagers and Mama from the Black Parade album. Btw., One Night Only were "fucking awesome", as Gerard said. But MCR were fucking more awesome, as I say. Geez, I've got aching neck-muscles from head-banging +___+''
Before I'm writing too much, here some photos:

Question: Can Ray see what he's playing when his hair falls into his face?

By the way, I want Mickey haircut! Well, just cut down on one side. But dark and just the long hair reddish blond. Thanks Mickey for showing me how awesome that is looking :D

Gerard: "Actually I wanted to be a showgirl! Eh? Can I go to Broadway now? Pleeeease? A chorus line should work!"

Frank: "D'ya see that poster there? Strange German girls." - Mickey: "Actually, I just think it's too hot here? Haven't they got a fucking air-condition?"- Gerard: "Juuuuust sleeeeeep - ing..." 

funny pose :D

and then, Gerard just was falling asleep. Not - of course.

jep jep, great haircut. 

want . his . guitar . *need money...* Btw., he was drinking the same beer-brand we're drinking at home :D

that catwalk I mentioned...

plus confetti-rain at the end. sooooo awesome!

 Of course I took some trophies, as a plectrum

And a new band-shirt. Had to upgrade ;)

I spent some time waiting at the railway station, because my male escort (feel greeted Alex ^^) arrived a little later. That gave me the opportunity to shop at the station. Well... I've found a necklace with a scissor and studs. That's why I hadn't got money left at the end of the day...

But I think it was worth it! ;D

Of course I show you what I was wearing. It really was a lolita-skirt in the end, though I didn't wear my best petticoat under it (would be flat at the end of the day, and I haven't ordered the heavier tulle yet) and a band-shirt, at the beginning I even wore heels, but it was too dangerous to wear heels at the concert, so I changed shoes as I arrived at my front row place ;) Didn't want the guys behind me to have aching feet because of me hopping on their foot with heels.

 Sorry the last two came out so blurry, guess the camera was not set at the right program. Everyone got such a "Na" poster for Na Na Na. Which was the opener of course! :D

So, if you've read the whole stuff, congratulations. I'm still somehow like on drugs. Of course I came home at 1 o'clock in the morning, but still wasn't tired at the show on Sunday. Didn't even use the hospital bed behind the stage ^^

Have a nice week! *waves goodbye*


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  2. u look so happy!great photos.i'm not a fan of the group but i have a friend who adores them.nice trophies ;)

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  4. Super crazy fun photos!!!
    seriously, to good for words love the energy haha


    check out my blog to :)

  5. My Chemical Romance! I love them so much, I went to see the perform and they were great, lots of energy =)

  6. Thanks honey for sharing such amazing/crazy shots!I wish to be there too...It looks like you had great fun!

  7. Love MCR, I wish I could see them live! Gerard looks so good! :-D Great outfit too, I love love LOVE those bandshirts, they're awesome because they're MCR but also really beautiful and cool!

  8. Love the scissors necklace!



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