Donnerstag, 7. Juli 2011

Fashion Week in Berlin

(Metronomy - The Look)

...and I'm not there! Yep, sad, if you're unimportant. But hey, I had fun here too.
Nevertheless, I'll share some photos of my favorite stuff that showed up on the Internet.

First off, one of my favourite designers, Lena Hoschek:

I'd totally wear that!

Love its brightness, the sun is shining when someone wears this dress :D

love, ooooh love!
oh yep, nice skirt, but is the model seeing something on the covered eye?

the colour and pattern is simply romantic and adorable <3

And now, the winner of the Designer-For-Tomorrow award, Karlotta Wilde! A name everyone should remember.

Just three colours, clean, but very interesting and innovative
my favourite outfit was the one with the flared black skirt, but this one is lovely too!

Schumacher's collection was an eyecatcher too! Nice colours, very 70s.

I - want - a - skirt - like - that - one!!!!

Great embroidery!

Awesome shade of green!

I guess there will follow another post 'bout the fashion week ;)


  1. Great post. I to love that awesome shade of green
    its like a emerald pastel or something along
    those lines haha

    cute blog :)

    I followed your blog!!
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  2. first copuple of dresses are AMAZING!!!!
    remind me of "happy days" gosh so an amazing vintage style!!!

    Syriously in Fashion
    Kandee Shoes GIVEAWAY!!!

  3. Great post honey!!!Love all these collections, thanks for sharing!


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