Samstag, 16. Juli 2011

It's done, it's done :D

(In Flames - Deliver Us // a little obsessed now, cause maybe - well, not only maybe - I'll go to their concert :D)

Sorry I didn't have the time for posting yesterday... too tired. I'm still not really well, but I had to work. Hm, work... walking two hours around in the city in a funny costume handing out programmes for the theater wasn't really work, but funny. It was the same costume I wore last time and people again thought I was Capt'n Jack Sparrow ^^
And after that I was in another city nearby spending hours in the city and shopping centre because I had to waste time 'till my dog's hair got cut. Poodle... No choice.
But I've bought a romper (my very first one!) and a skirt on sale there. Photos tomorrow!

Anyway, now, the blue tunic/dress I've drawn some-when is finally finished! Very finished. No spot that doesn't fall well anymore. Proud of myself.

Oh and I've drawn down how I want to decorate a white hat... if I find one that's good enough and cheap :D The ones I saw at H&M were to flabby, another one's brim not broad enough. Nw... not easy to find the perfect hat for this :D
The plan is decorating it with a lace ribbon (light grey or something) and adding flowers on one side, but the interesting part is that I wanna glue only a few petals on the brim and on the inner brim to create an effect like in my drawing.

don't look at the stuff in the background. I was bored :D
 And my blouse from Bodyline came! Cute, isn't it? So much lace... Got it for 10€ 2nd hand, but it wasn't even worn.

Oh and I didn't introduce you to my new model: Sisi! That's the bonus I've got for my burda-sub, just about 3 months later...


  1. Great blog! :))

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  2. Love the top you made. It gorgeous. And well I liked the idea of the petal effect you wanna create in the hat. Try finding something on eBay. If ur looking for smth it cheap. They always hab amazing deals :))

  3. That lace blouse is lovely. Such a good deal too!

    That blue tunic looks great. Good job! I wish I could sew - it would save me so much money :)

  4. so cool!the first one is amazing!

  5. What a sweet blog you got here :) I love it :)

    If you want, you can check out mine, I always follow back :)



  6. I love all of your ideas and projects. Very inspiring to a lazy girl like me! That blouse/jacket is super cool.

  7. Love the top honey!Great craft work, you're very talented!

  8. You should draw more! You're really really good at it :) Oh would you like us to follow each other? I'd be glad to follow yours :)

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  10. Nice that people thought you were captain jack sparrow! That flowered top is so pretty!

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  11. wonderful blouse!! xx

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