Mittwoch, 2. März 2011

Hair's burnin', hills are filled with fire

Yep, seems I also got a Doors-thing.
Tomorrow I'm writing the last Spanish exam of my life! Yes! I really love the language, but exams are only driving me mad.
Today's gonna be the day I'll have a smart-phone! My contract for mobile expires in the end of this month, today I'm gonna look for a new contract with Internet flat-rate. What mobiles do you have? Can you recommend something for me?
I also took some new pictures and tried out an Action Pack. Thanks to the post on My Eye for the link to this pack! The effect is awesome.
a little overexposed, but everyone says I look like a weird young Vivienne Westwood :D

This is also my first picture on Weardrobe, please like if you're there ;)

What more can I tell? I'm better now, because we soon get a week off school, then there are A-levels and school time almost over. Plus soon there's the premier of the operetta I'm dancing in. I'm so excited ^__^


  1. ooh danke für's verlinken :)
    und ich hey ich finde es super, dass deine haare rot und nicht blond geworden sind, wie du es idr vlt. denken kannst ^^ steht dir auch echt super gut! Und witzig, ich hab gestern erst mein erstes smartphone bekommen. Nach ellenlangen testberichten hab ich mich letzlich für das HTC desire Z (vision) entschieden und ich liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiebe es!

  2. wow, love it :))

    LOVE minnja

  3. ♥ it!!!so much!!


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