Sonntag, 6. März 2011

Any ideas?

Before I post my new maxi skirt - I still have to fix something there - I'm posting my bought maxi skirt.
It is black with a little train and ruffles on the end:

My question there is: Do you have any idea how I could wear that skirt in a more casual way?
I love this skirt so much because it is a little high waisted and so short on the front that I can drive wearing it without shutting the skirt into the pedals :D
But on the backside it is floor length, maybe even a little longer with the wrong shoes.
It is sad that I only can wear it to elegant occasions. Mostly I'm combining it with my corset or a nice blouse or camisole for theatre premieres or elegant restaurants.

Well... any ideas for a casual styling with that skirt? I'm trying every suggestion if I have the clothes for it and I'll take a picture so you see how it worked ^^

By the way, some of my favourite casual looks with black maxi skirts:
by Jana K. on
That's something I'll try with that skirt. Black and white striped shirt and boots.

by Katie C. on
All black, simple, chic but with the leather jacket yet casual for everyday. But would that work with ruffles?

Love that styling! I even have a lace bodysuit :D

found on hypeed
That styling rocks too!

The only things that makes me think all that ideas don't work on this skirt and me are:
1. I'm not tall but curvy. So I can't wear something long or loose on my upper part of the body with a maxi skirt.
2. This crappy ruffles and train that only look good worn very very elegant.

So, do you still have ideas what could work? ;D
I would appreciate every suggestion!

Hugs and kisses, xoxo,


  1. I`m not tall either so I wore my maxis with high heels and I think it looks really good with a t-shirt and blazer for day.xx

  2. i love how versatile a maxi skirt can be!


  3. What if you wore it with a fitted sweatshirt kind of top, like from J.Crew or Urban Outfitters? Something kind of lightweight with a crewneck in a fun color?

    Love your look, by the way!

  4. Cool looks! I'm kinda wanting a long skirt too.

  5. Mit einem einfachem weißem T-Shirt siehts bestimmt toll aus :)

  6. ich will auch unbedingt so einen langen Rock haben, unbedingt ! :D

  7. Cool look, I am in love with long skirt!!!

  8. i am sure anything you try will look amazing!!
    neways i love the examples you chose to show!esp the first one with the stripped tee!!


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