Donnerstag, 31. März 2011

Colourful spring

Too bad today the weather is sooooo bad it makes me depressing. It's raining, it's grey, but I keep on carrying on and wear my soft pink trenchcoat with violet ruffles skirt. Too bad it was raining so badly that I couldn't take photos. But I'll wear it again this weekend. I'm in love again with my purple skirt :D
Yeah, and because the whole day was stupid somehow, not only because of the weather, but also because of school - lessons in the middle of the day are being dropped, but I have to walk in again for some stupid presentation of the Masterplan of our city (everything they plan doesn't interest me because a) they haven't got the money for all that and b) I'm moving out as soon as I know to which university I'm going, all the teachers are acting strange and are thinking we'd still do something for lessons, etc. etc. - sh... what did I wanna say?
Yes, I was doing a little colour blocking outfit on Polyvore, because everything was so grey out there, I had to see colour on my notebook screen.

And because I don't always want to complain, I'm letting go of writing here now. And I'm gonna bake muffins. That'll make me happy.
Have a great weekend ;)


  1. love love love these colors for spring. color blocking separates makes me so happy!

  2. ich steh ja nicht so auf colour blocking aber die farbkombi beigegelb mit blautönen sieht eigentlich super aus :)


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