Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

Ballet and fashion

Interesting how many designers create ballet inspired fashion after Black Swan became such a hit.
Galliano's latest show from the Paris Fashion Week, very Nureyev-inspired:
That's what I would wear at the ballet room if I was a guy:

Chloé's spring collection 2011 shown at the Paris Fashion Week also showed some ballet-elements:

Chanel RTW Spring 2011, Black Swan?
And the white Swan:
And yes, the sports industry also cooperates now with dancers, in this case with the ones from the Staatsballett Berlin. Adidas made a collection with them.


  1. check out

  2. I kind of like it when fashion designer get inspired with movies that are "in fashion" at the moment.. I loved chanel's collection the most.. remember when marie antoinette came out?.. a lot of designer got inspired by it and rocked the runways.. and who wouldn't? that movie is a dream.. I love it

  3. Ballet has always been a great inspiration for fashion, but I dont think all this move is a casualty. black swan has given the chance to talk about ballet fashion again, and we can see it also on magazines and blogs... great post! xx

  4. I agree with Martina and all the collections have been deigned before the movies.
    But ballet is just a wonderful inspiration!

  5. love this post! thank you for stopping by my blog girlie!


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