Sonntag, 27. März 2011

Fashion icon: Liz Taylor

First off: The premiere was amazing! Everything went well for me, I'm so excited about the reviews that come out tomorrow in our local newspapers!
As soon as I see something I'll post about it.

But now to Liz Taylor. It's sad that a piece of that Hollywood glamour died with her. And it makes me furious that every yellow paper out there seems to judge her life now. All that things about her childhood, her marriages, and so on... I don't want to judge, I just want to take a look from the fashion side on her. Because I always admired her style, especially in the early 50's when she had that shortcut.
So here is a little tribute to her as a fashion icon and an awesome actress:

Liz in 1948. She had such a thin waist!
her wedding 1950 with Conrad Hilton. If I ever marry, I'll do so in such a dress
Taylor with James Dean in "Giants" 
two of my icons: Liz Taylor and Grace Kelly, on the right Lorraine Day
she was THE icon of the 50's in a way, here in 1959
also stylish on vacation, 1962
she really had her very own style - and a thing for jewelery
red lipstick and a wide smile - 1984
sometimes her outfits for the red carpet were really eccentric, but she was in style even at a anterior age (1987)
Hiding? Not Liz Taylor! (1987)
she still was a beautiful lady in 1998 - all silver

2007, being glamorous in a wheelchair was no big deal for her

So let's commemorate her as one of the most beautiful and fashionable persons of her time, as the last piece of the good times at Hollywood. In my eyes she was the last real diva.


  1. wasn't she stunning...


  2. Thank you for the comment. Liz Taylor is a lady with an unique style. She inspires me a lot..

  3. oh mein gott sie ist ja wuuuunderschön! ich kenne sie eigentlich nur vom name und ich habe noch nie einen film mit ihr gesehen (empfehlungen? :D)

    ihr stil ist auch mehr als bewundernswert. ihr ferienoutfit von 1962 = <3
    und das hochzeitslkleid ein traum :D

    ich hoffe, ihr bekommt gute kritiken!


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