Sonntag, 20. März 2011

Little 20's girly girl

Hey there guys!
At the moment I'm quite busy with theatre and school. Friday 25th we've got our premiere, tomorrow I'm writing Economy, next day Latin. I think you can imagine my situation.
But even if it is stressful, some funny things happened for example at our dress rehearsal.
Wanna see how I look with long hair? That's me with my wig for the show:

I'm looking so different!
And that's my costume, the girls from the tailoring said it would look uncompleted, so I guess we'll also get little socks with ruffles and some accessories.
Photos from the cow-costume you'll get next week. We hadn't got the time on Friday to let someone take a picture. But the costume is hilarious!

Wish you a great next week!

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