Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

The First Part Is Over

Yeah, I'm done with my first Abitur aka A-levels week!
The worst - also called maths - is over, wrote it yesterday. I also wrote German this week, now Latin and Economy are still coming up next week.
That's why I didn't post anything, all that work, also at the theatre, because we've got our premiere next Friday.
The weather is now as sad as my maths exam was, so these are photos from last Friday when I was shopping with Charlotte ;)
Uploaded on LB, Chic and Weardrobe. Not the best photos, because my dad took them, but better than nothing :D
And see? Maxi skirt again :D My new love.


  1. oh, ich liebe das hippie-hafte an deinem outfit! steht dir total gut.
    viel glück bei deinen restlichen prüfungen, bei mir ist das zum glück schon letztjahr im mai gewesen :)

  2. Nice skirt :)

  3. es steht dir einfach mega gut! (:


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