Dienstag, 29. März 2011

Blue, blue, blue is all my accessory...

Hey there guys,
news from the play I'm in. The review in the biggest local newspaper was exactly as my parents said it would be. Even almost the same words my parents said after the premiere. Same actors/singers who they liked and disliked. That was so funny. Sadly they didn't mention the ballet or the cow (means: us). And I was cut off of the picture.
But a friend told me a picture of me was in another newspaper. She'll bring the article when I see her on Thursday or Friday.
I guess it was this picture:
jep, that's me. that photo's on the theatre page and on their facebook page. taken at a rehearsal. I even had stranger glances.
So in the end you see how I look as a cow. Muh. Stupid steppin' cow.

We have now rehearsals with ballet for our matinée and I'm gonna sing at a casting show. You may know X-factor. There's a German version too. I still don't know which three songs to sing.
School's terribly boring at the moment. We only have a few lame exams left and nothing exciting to do. The most exciting thing is our trip to the stock market next Monday. Uuuh. I'm gonna wear pink in the middle of all that black-suit wearers. Like in Legally blond. Haha.

Last but not least, another outfit post :D
I was wearing my beloved self-sewn skirt ^_^

Also as always on Chictopia and Weardrobe .

Bye then, wishing you a great week ;)


  1. deine haarfarbe und der blaue hut haben einen tollen kontrast und ich würd so gerne selber röcke nähen können :)

    ist lustig, dich als kuh zu sehen^^ und viel glück bei x-factor!

  2. Good luck with the X-factor!
    Regarding the cow, I do have to ask though - is the show sponsored by Milka?? :D

  3. Gorgeous! Love the skirt girl XOXO


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