Samstag, 5. März 2011

Country girl take my hand

Hey there! I'm proud user of an iPhone 4 now :D
I'm in love with that phone and almost can't get it out of my hand. Now I can post even when I'm at school or in the theatre, hrr hrr ^-^ And today I was almost all day again at our little theatre. But rehearsals are going great, I guess the premiere will be fine ;)

Hm, by the way, what do you think:
Does this dress - I love it - look better with boots or shoes?

I would prefer the boots now with the thick tights, because it is still a little cold and my feet are getting cold so fast, and the pumps without tights in summer. I don't like to wear sandals. Even in summer when it is really hot. I guess it is because I think my toes look awful. My toenails are way too short because of all that pointe at the ballet. Or it is just a spleen of mine.
That's why I uploaded the version with boots for now:

Oh and I'm almost done with sewing a new maxi-skirt for myself. You'll see it in my next post ;D


  1. Wow, such a beautiful dress! Personally, i prefer it with the shoes, but it looks great with both :)That bag is lovely too.

    Sarah x

  2. fantastic look!! and great photos!!

  3. i am actually in love wiht this outfit! your style is great too!

    hope you'll visit/follow


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