Dienstag, 10. Januar 2012

A Late Happy New Year...

[music: Kanon Wakeshima - Kagami]

Hello again! As even bloggers need holidays I haven't written anything during my vacation. Shame on me!
I'm not boring you with vacation stories, just the short summary, I've been skiing in Austria with my parents for two weeks, we had even too much snow! We celebrated with my aunt, uncle and cousin 'cause they also were in Austria for a few days. It was chaotic, but fun. I'm posting some pictures I took with my mobile next time.

This post I want to make a few statements about Lolita-Fashion.
I've already assessed that people on Lookbook and Chictopia were asking, what Lolita-Fashion is.
Well, my short definition is: Lolita is a Japanese streetstyle that has NOTHING to do with the novel by Nabokov. So: no short skirts! No deep red painted lips. The original Lolita style is inspired by the Victorian era, especially child-clothes. It is defined by flared skirts, petticoats, bows and lace. Especially the cupcake-shape of the skirts make the style. Another thing that's confusing for people being confronted with the term "Lolita" is also the variety of styles. The most common are Gothic Lolitas and Sweet Lolitas, I guess. The names speak for themselves. There are also Classic Lolitas, I would describe that as a more "mature" version of the Lolita styling. Somber colours, not so extremely cup-cakey skirts, less prints. There is also the Country-Lolita style, Pirate-style and the Aristocrat or EGL style, that is more a kind of Western gothic style with long skirts and corset or with a masculine alternative (tophat, vest, very Victorian Dandy-esque). Nah. I guess I'll make a special post about this. Never styles are e.g. Steampunk-Lolita, a combination I personally love. A type of Lolita style for everyday is Casual Lolita, a style where you mix "normal" clothes like shirts/cutsews with typical Lolita skirts and Petticoats. There also is really a style called Ero-Lolita. But it still has nothing to do with the "Gothic Lolita" stuff at Hot Topic. It's more like... what the Victorian people would have considered as underwear. Corsets, bloomers, petticoats. Underwear worn as topwear. Maaaan, I really should do an own post about this with pictures to illustrate it. Just in short now, to introduce my outfit. The people at college stared again, even when I just walked down the street. I would describe it as a Classic-Lolita style. Yep.

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  1. Aaaaah I always fall in love with your looks as soon as I lay eyes on them <3. I'd love it if you'd illustrate all the different kinds of lolita styles! I've known about the japanese harajuku lolita girls and I actually did know that it has nothing to do with Nabokov's book but I'd love to know more about it, the things I already know I love and I love steampunk and western and pirates! What a gorgeous dress (did you make it yourself?) and I love the booties! Your haircolor is amazing and the haircut clashes so wonderfully with this beautiful feminine princess dress. Looking forward to a lolita-style-explain post! :-) Those people might stare at you but you can be sure that you are the hottest/best dressed girl in your class!


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