Dienstag, 27. September 2011

Whoever said it has been Alice Dellal...

that made the undercut popular under non-punks is wrong.
(Matching music needed now)

It was my favourite male trendsetter David Bowie:

See, even my colour! :D

Speaking of Bowie and ginger hair... just found this one. I hate to admit it, but:
sooooooo cuuuuuuuute! (even I sometimes think little kids are cute. But only when they're dolled up in a funny way like this one)
So here comes Baby Ziggy! ^__^

source: http://violet-hill.tumblr.com/post/7191404198 (nice blog by the way!)
Speaking of weirdness in a Ziggy-Stardust like fashion, here are my top three hats of the London Fashion Week (honestly, I've always envied the Brits for their tradition in hats, but some readers may already noticed that):

I'd call it: The Blood Red Swan. At Giles
booklovers at Kinder Aggugini 
Somehow grungy shred-style at Louise Gray
What I don't wanna show you is the Vagina-Hat. Yep, there was one. Not ON the runway, but some guy with such a hat showed up at the Fashion Week. If you're hardcore enough to handle this (haha, explicit pictures), search for it, I ran across it on the Internet while searching for the most stupid hats in London.
So then, I'll take my hands off my laptop, gotta pack 'cause I'm moving on Friday.

Read ya ^_-


  1. I love David Bowie to death, he's had such a great influence on music, fashion and the right to be different. And he's really sexy, in a sort of nonsexual way. He's like a beautiful painting. :-D And baby Ziggy is totally cute.

  2. I hate Alice Dellal :D Or at least I don't like her ^^
    - admit the comment above me, and the hats are great. Mostly the books :D I want a book hat :o

  3. Omg that is so cute. I would totally do that to my kid if I had one. I LOVE DAVID BOWIE and pretty much everything he does. Including that hair...


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