Samstag, 10. September 2011

Shoppingfinds, reconstruction and the matter of colour

New post, new post!
Geez, I don't know what I'm doing with all my time, but at the end of the day there's nothing left of it and I didn't do everything I wanted.
Tempus fugit. Ha ha, nine years of Latin and I can write that. See, it wasn't a waste of time.

Well, I just wanted to show you the last stuff I've bought. I still need to post the awesome silk blouse I bought in Spain, but it still needs some hand-washing. Time is running out. At least I can wear that in autumn too. The stuff I bought recently is from H&M, it's so strange I've found something there... I'm so bored by the clothes I see right now. Hope the autumn collections aren't just not fully in the stores...

sorry for the stupid flash, but at least the details are visible. The chiffon part goes quite deep, so I'll wear something underneath. Just when I want to provoke... 40€

my very first denim-blouse! I was searching for a long time, but now I've found the perfect one. 25€
And best thing 'bout it: The two pieces even look good together! It's a way I can wear that party dress even at a not so formal occasion.

Next thing up: The reconstruction of a T-shirt I got from my school theatre-group as a gift. It was a normal shirt in size M, not a girly shirt, with just the plain text on it (one of the better gags of our last show, for the non-german speakers, it's a persiflage to the "Get thee to a nunn'ry" sentence from Hamlet. The character in our play saying this can't spell the letter L and says N instead).
Well, 'cause I wouldn't wear it that way and because I was bored, I sewed it smaller, cut the neckline and sewed the leftovers on the border of the shirt. Now I've got a shirt-dress :D
It just needs some decoration. I'm thinking of some red splatters, but maybe some cutouts with black chiffon and safety-pins could make a nice effect too. I'll see. Monday I'm gonna take a look at the local art-store, maybe I find some matching textile paint.
However, that's how it looks now:
and by the way: It really looks better on me :D
I've already wanted to show off my new hair-colour... I just hadn't got the time to upload the pictures. Now my hair got a little lighter, it's not that intense anymore, but still more red than blond.
Now it's more like that....

freshly dyed it was more like that. Ignore the stupid face.

So, have a nice weekend! Tomorrow I'll go to a medieval pageant and I've got nothing to wear! Desperately need to sew some medieval-style clothes. But for a first try I maybe buy something there, so I can copy the cut ^^

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