Freitag, 23. September 2011

Haircut, Undercut, cut cut cut...

So, I'm posting again, whou, I shouldn't complain anymore.
I just wanted to show off my new haircut :D
And cut is the key word here. I wanted something different, something extreme. And well, it got extreme, judge for yourself:

Bi-color again :D But I didn't dye it. I'm mostly dying it myself, much cheaper, but I invest in a good cut.

An extreme haircut needs a simple outfit. So, I was wearing all-black yesterday. No, not because of my hair. Because of Troy Davis. His death was scandalous. The whole story made me really mad, because it showed one thing again: law ain't fair. Or at least, the decisions made by judges ain't always fair.

Wish you all a nice weekend anyway!


  1. Great great haircut and wonderful outfit. ANd your silhouette is wonderful :0
    So right about law and judges, death penalty is just not right!

  2. Awesome haircut- I love how edgy it is!
    And about your comment on my blog- I'm sure dressing up in blazers and oxfords is typical in Europe, but definitely not in Canada! I definitely need to move! haha


  3. lovely hair's extreme and i love it!beautiful outfit classic :)

  4. A cute haircut! You have nice glasses too, I liked the belt also :).

  5. Love your haircut, so punky but also very feminine, in a Bowie kind of way :-D. Also, the color is really beautiful, very Ziggy!


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