Donnerstag, 29. September 2011

A mouse on the keys and a bullet in my heart

Music by Mouse on the Keys, a Japanese jazz-whatever-I-dunno-how-to-describe - band. Heard about them from a guy that is also in my year at college, he really has a nice taste in music. Yes, I'm not only listening to rock, metal and such. Variety is the key :D And I think this band should become more popular. Statement made, let's change topic.

Well, I'm still searching for something to buy. Honestly, these boots from last post look funny, but I don't know if I'd wear them. Even at muddy festivals where I could need 'em.
So I was falling in love with these pumps:
by Moma, 270€, so freaking awesome.
But sadly... not my size. And way... I mean WAY (!) too expensive. Yep, I need to get rich. Material girl. I should rename my blog ^^

by Mai Piu Senza, 90€
 90€ is still expensive, but hey, I need to invest in key-pieces. Still... I guess I'll need money for my new room. And I've gotta decide 'til tonight, 'cause I'm on the road tomorrow at 6 o'clock in the morning. And Friday's my last day for the coupon.  Hm.

My next post will be sent from my old "home" again on Monday or Tuesday because I'm driving back home again with my parents for the rest of next week until next Friday/Saturday. The orientation week is starting only on 10th Octobre and I don't think I can get all the stuff I want to bring with me in two cars. I could, no, but I don't know exactly how big my room is. If I could find I place I want to bring my sewing machine, at least one guitar and my keyboard with me. But if the room's even tinier than my one at my parent's flat, there won't be any space for it.

I've wanted to show off one idea I've got quickly, I'm running out of time, still need to pack so many things. I saw this one at Chictopia:
via Chictopia by Naz_Isik (
 I've got a nice LBD by Charlotte (hey at this point!), it has got a lacy pattern, thin straps and a shape almost like the H&M dress above, just longer (kneelength, almost). The lady above just wore a chiffon skirt over the dress, which is simple, but very stylish and special. As I've got loads of black chiffon left from my prom-skirt I'm gonna sew a chiffon skirt for my LBD and add some chiffon on the top of the dress too. Hm. Gotta have to sketch it :D Good thing I've got free time and a sewing machine next week!


  1. Yep, those pumps are gorgeous. I feel like brown shoes are a solid investment, since you can wear them to death, but they'd better be your size!

  2. everytime I visit your blog I discover new bands, new good bands and new good music, thanx!
    btw, I agree with you, more than 200 euros on a pair of shoes is way too much to me, but even though 90 is still expensive, I know that good quality shoes mean two or three pairs of too cheap shoes, so I would invest on those xx


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