Dienstag, 20. September 2011

Paisley, Blood and Flat Shoes

Hey there,

I won't even apologize anymore for not blogging... college gets on my goat. Really. Just got my student-ID stuff and all passwords for logging in on Saturday, I've spent the whole weekend with stud.ip (a program to log in for courses at college, we also call it stup.id now. yes, even law-students are funny sometimes), finding out which courses I have to take and with filling out my application for Bafög, a repayable state grant, which catches the meaning most... Geez, I almost had a nervous breakdown meanwhile. And there also are so many other things to organize, for example moving out, there's already a facebook-group for us first-semesters, so I already have the chance to know some people when I arrive. 700 new law-students! That's huge for such a tiny university. I'm already so excited about everything that I need to detract myself from everything. With sewing and playing guitar.

I've already painted the shirt I cropped and resew, it got really bloody, guess it's just wearable on Halloween or concerts...

bloody back. maybe I'll add another bloodstain there.

And here's another thing I began to sew. The skirt I was drafting and posting some-when, out of remaining fabric I've found. It's not completely decorated yet. But already wearable.

Kitsch and lace-hearts. Totally Ama-Lolita. But I like it somehow. The contrast is better in original, because the fabric's a little darker.

what I wanna add are these lace-stripes. Will take some time.

also made the belt on my own. Simple elastic sewn on a metal-buckle for these kind of stretch-belts.

and here we come to the things I was shopping in Spain. These shoes here. I know, they are flat. Fucking flat. But comfortable as hell. The only bad thing about 'em is that one shoe was exposed, the other not. So one is already quite worn out, the other still a little tight on my foot.

my cheap on-sale silk-blouse! the pattern looks surprisingly nice on me. Tucked in it even creates a beautiful shape. Not tight, nicely loose, but still shows the waistline.

what I love most about the blouse are the details. Hidden button-tab and another matching fabric on the inside.
Also if anyone's reading this, sorry I don't comment on other blogs right now. So busy... but I'm sure it'll get better as soon as college's starting and everything's bought, done and clear to me.

Have a nice week!


  1. I'd wear all those things in a heartbeat, even the bloody shirt! And not only for concerts or halloween. :-D You're an amazing seamstress! Pretty eyed, pirate smile, you'll marry a music man. (When I think of the words 'seamstress' I immediately think of 'Tiny Dancer' by Elton John, sorry for the randomness. ;-D)

  2. Ich kaufe Rotkäppchen Sekt im Sixpack :D Und weder noch, ich nehme ihmmer "mild" mhhhh yam!
    Und nciht nur der Song ist gut, wenn er dir wirklich gefällt zieh dir ruhig mal das ganze Album rein (The Bachelor). Genial!

    Apropo Bachelor, fängst jetzt an? Wo?
    Ich fang meinen Master an und muss auch wieder den ganzen Bafög Kram beantragen... whäää und GEZ. Und noch das BA Zeugnis und blaa.

    Achja und das "Blutkleid" ist hgeil <3 nur die weiße Schrift sticht ein bisschen zu doll heraus.


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