Mittwoch, 28. September 2011

Outfit-Post: The lace-skirt

Another skirt's finished and ready-to-wear (prét-á-portér, hihi, not haute couture), that's the good thing about starting to sew different pieces, you end what you wanna like to end on that day. And honestly, I wasn't in the mood for sewing white cotton lace in an exact line. This one was easier and more effortless. But still very wearable, though it turned out really short. At least for me. I'm not used to wearing so short skirts. But as long as it covers everything... ^^
Well, here is the skirt:

And I still have my 10€-Zalando coupon... couldn't find anything 'til now. I desperately need a black bag in a handy size, classic design, not too fancy, leather. Really, there was nothing on the website I've liked! I'm also searching for classical pumps in brown, also leather, doesn't have to be real leather, the colour should be something like what they're calling "cognac" (though I'd prefer whiskey or absinth, but a pale-green bag? noooooo...), no straps, like the one I'm wearing above, means pretty high, but it'd be awesome if they had thick heels. Or even wedges would be okay. But... I can't find the perfect shoes! At least, not under 80€...
What I also need are wellies (or rubber boots), the ones I loved so much aren't in the shop anymore - get out the violins for me! - but then I saw these:

Däv Western Cowboy, 75€ reduced, with coupon 65€, still expensive for rubber boots, but these doesn't look like rubber boots :D

P.S.: Song choice, guess you know why, look at my bag ^___^
Just found it again while packing for Passau. My beloved The Nightmare Before Christmas-bag from Athens.


  1. Kraaaasss ich finde die frisur richtig geil!

  2. I will steal your bag if I ever get the chance. :-D I'm in love with the nightmare before christmas. Such a gorgeous movie with beautiful music, a big part of my childhood! And I'm digging the boots and skirt. You can really pull off that length!


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