Montag, 29. August 2011

On Holiday: Last part, La Seu

I didn't take many pictures in the cathedral. First because my pics got so blurry... second because there were too many people standing in my way... and third, there are enough up on the Internet.
But as I'm in kind of a hurry, here are the last photographs from holidays I'm posting.

I even liked the floor :D As long as it has got skulls.

Damn, I looked stupid. But the effect of the glass-window is awesome!

blurry... tiny cams aren't perfect.

the room I stayed in - got the living room of the suite just for myself. But we moved to another suite because my mom couldn't sleep. The elevator was exactly on the other side of her sleeping room and she heard it going up and down all night.

there also was a Roman archaeological excavation with a theatre there

stupid me is standing on an over 2000 years old stone. No respect, I know, shame on me.

So, that was it. I'm thru all my photos, yeeeeeesssssssss!


  1. Lovely photos :) and I like the looks!

  2. that place is awesome! =) Thanks for sharing!


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