Donnerstag, 4. August 2011

Lady Of The Flowers

Hey there guys,
I've spent the last few days with dark thoughts about my future (main subject of these thoughts: All law-students are assholes says the cliché, I'm gonna be a law-student, so am I an asshole too? Or am I gonna be depressed by all this "assholeness" there? Will I drop out? Will I get a manic depression? Should I study costume design and follow my dreams? Or should I stay realistic? 'cause it's really hard to get a job as a designer. Well, and so on... dark thoughts of being unemployed aren't nice.).
But I've spent yesterday with gluing and sewing my hat.

That's how it looks now:

I'm not a hundred percent fine with it. It's too floppy. I need to stiffen the edge with a wire or something, sadly I hadn't got enough. Second: I don't like how the braid turned out. It was normal satin braid. Third: I don't like the lace. Too blue. I wanted one with the same shade of gray as the border-braid. But do you think I've found a gray one in the whole city? Well, somehow it matches the colours of the flowers though. Maybe I just redo the border with a pale blue braid. Somewhen. For holidays it's okay that way.

For how I did everything...
first I ironed the gray braid so it's got a knit in the middle and a slight curve. Then I sewed it on the border of the hat, so that the braid added one centimeter to the broadness.

Second step was the lace, just sewed it together on the back of the hat and made a ribbon, that way I covered the weird way I had to finish sewing the braid.

Third, I sewed the flowers. With transparent thread. And I pierced myself with the needle a few times.

Last step was gluing the petals. And my fingers.

The hat is a little fancy but not as weird as some royal hats :D

Btw., I'm flying off to Spain on Saturday morning. Hope I'll get Internet-connection there so I still can blog.

Have a nice week!


  1. I love the hat! I do agree with you about the floppyness, it would probably look better with a stiff material. On the other hand, this kind of lightness in the hat really highlights the summery feeling of the flowers on the hat.

    And I totally relate to your future worryings. Unfortunately, I can't help you. But I can say that I love all of the things I've seen you make yourself. And I wouldn't mind spending some money on them. :-) I know people often romantically say 'oh follow your dreams' and of course you should, but on the other hand we all know that life isn't that simple. If you do go for a fashion education, the chances are bigger you will get a job as a designer because of the awesome people that you'll probably meet. Good luck and have fun in Spain, try to relax! :-)

  2. WOW,so cute and romantic!!!Love it!

  3. That hat looks fantastic! Have a great weekend!! xo


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