Montag, 22. August 2011

On Holiday: Modernísmo

Hey there,

I'm so sorry for not posting a single sign of life the past two weeks. Everything was quite messed up. First I wanted to blog at the hotel, but the wireless connection was soooo slow (or didn't work at all), then I wanted to blog everything as soon as I was home (last week) but then I was too tired the first days and had to drive to Bavaria on Thursday. Searching a flat. Just came home Saturday evening. However, strange week. And I still don't have a flat. But maybe I'll get a room at the university housing. Last option, but better than nothing. And well... sharing the toilet with another person isn't that awful... for a year. However, on Wednesday I know exactly whether I get it or not, and if not, I'll have to stay at a over-priced one-room flat 4km away from the university. Damn it.

But first... Mallorca. Well, I guess that island won't see me again. I'm no fan of the sea, that's why I've spent most of my holidays in a little city called Alcúdia or in restaurants and cathedrals in Palma. The only thing that really caught my interest were the buildings in "modernísmo"-style. I've never been to Barcelona, so that's the first time I saw some of them in reality. About La Seu and the patios there... I've seen better in Andalusia. But all in one it has been a nice holiday. I even went shopping :D I'll post my few finds somewhen this week.

So part I of my holidays-pictures... the modernísmo-architecture in Palma. Other stuff soon this week. Everything in one post would be too much.

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