Montag, 1. August 2011

The latest hat fashion?

Haha, sorry, had to be this tune :D

Well, somehow even I heard about the wedding of Zara Phillips (the Queen's granddaughter) and Mike Tindall (Rugbyplayer with broken nose - 9 times broken? Correct me if I'm wrong). Weddings of the royals normally don't interest me. And the wedding kiss wasn't that impassioned too. Nothing compared to Kate Moss and her Jamie. Zara had a little cute wedding, a nice dress, etc. pp., even her new husband looked nice in his suit.
But I noticed one thing as I saw something about on TV....

the hats!

It seems to be a new trend. Strangely worn on one side of the head.

Some photos? Here you go.

The bride's hat. And I can't help staring at his nose... sorry Mike!
Kate too, here with flowers underneath instead of... whatever that other material is.
another variation
Kate's hat in a closer view
Beatrice with the water lily out of her little lake
flower outside too. wondering how the hat looks from the other side.
maybe a headband like here? 
the price for the funniest "thing" on her head goes to Camilla imo :D
another one sided hat
And here's the hat I've bought (8€ or something like that) to decorate it newly. I still want to alter so much about it.

And here the first load of flowers. Also need blue and yellow ones... and enough so I can cut off some petals...

Have a nice week!


  1. :) hi! i'm following u...follow my blog :) have a fashion day!!

  2. Awesome post!

    Thanks so much for your comment, check out my new post if you like : )


  3. his nose is just completely wonky! Bless him, i really like kates hat, very pretty

    Rianna xx

  4. I think it'd be so weird to wear one of these hats, but fabulously weird. Maybe not something oversized, but a smaller, more subtle one.


  5. i'm not a huge fan of these kinds of hats but i have to admit that Kate's hat is absolutely beaytiful and also the one with the headband it awesome!great post!

  6. this is really a trend for the royal families,some of them are beautiful,some are funny

  7. I agree! Hats really make an outfit next to the shoes! =)


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