Mittwoch, 24. August 2011

On Holiday: Some Outfits

Hey there,

I guess this is my first outfit-post since my birthday, isn't it? However, two outfits I was wearing there. I really need to do something with the gray skirt. It's looking boring somehow. Oh and don't worry, my hair is flaming red since last Wednesday. So no two-colour experiments anymore. I thought it could look funny. But in these pictures it just looks stupid to me. Anyway, now it has an intense red again. Not too flaming, still a little orange, but I like that better than the cold violet-ish red tones that you can see on old women's heads around here. Oh and another thing. I just signed my leasing contract for my room! Today it was in my letterbox. It's just for this semester and then I'll look for my very own flat. University housing is just a workaround.
Upcoming post tomorrow, the dragon's den. That's the name of a flowstone cave we visited and I took some pictures down there, though it was forbidden.

shirt: H&M; skirt: promod; shoes: Varese; flower: forever 21

location is the old city wall in Alcúdia

dress: Vintage from my mom; Alice-band: H&M; location: Palma, down the Museo Es Baluard

one of the many churches there

3...2...1... fire! you know that stupid joke?
This really reminds me of a joke. OMFG, I'm beginning to tell jokes on my blog. I don't know if you think that's funny, but here we go:

Three people are getting executed in turn. The first one is standing now at the wall, all guns pointing at him. He's hearing them count 3... 2... 1... and then he's yelling: Earthquaaaaaaaake!
Everyone's running, he's getting away.
Then it's the second person's turn. Same procedure. The commander counts: 3...2...1...
The guy learned something and screams: storm floooooood!
Again everyone believes him and he can get away.
Now the third person walks the plank. 3...2...1...
He's yelling: FIRE!!!

Yep, stupid. But I had to. Sorry for the bad joke!


  1. Love both your outfits! The skirt to the first was beautiful. And the 2nd outfit was just such a gorgeous colored dress! - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
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  2. I adore the skirt! And the vintage dress is so darling, especially with the parasol. Lovely photos!


  3. Oh honey, I am totally in love with your skirt!!!

  4. These photos are beautiful, I love every single outfit :)


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