Freitag, 26. August 2011

On Holiday: Coves del Drach

Hey there, here we go for the next part! This time I'm posting the photos I took at the cave, as promised. Sorry it took me so long ;)
I was wearing the romper I bought recently. So in love with it! But what pissed me off... I had to wear flat shoes with it! No high heels in caves. Better not.
And thanks for your comments on my skirt! So maybe I won't alter it... everyone seems to like it the way it is :D

I didn't edit my forbidden photos, I tried but it made it even worse.


  1. What ana amazing cave?! :O I love the shots! And you.. You are so cute as usual! :) Love the color of dress. Following!


  2. That looks fun! Even though you had to wear flat shoes, I think they look cute, and you made up for the height with your matching hat!

  3. amazing! its great you took some photos, it sure is breathtaking! great blog, hun ;)

  4. Amazing pics, love them! I really like your dress ♥

    & I always wear flat shoes? Like, ALWAYS. So don't complain ;D You know why? I'm rather tall & my boyfriend is shorter than me, so wearing high heels is a no-go for me. Sometimes I think that's a pity.

    XO, Imke


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