Donnerstag, 3. Februar 2011

Drawing and a colourful look

So I was angry, because my green didn't work that well, not a computer-colorisation this time, all handmade.
I couldn't draw the tulle right, but maybe you've got an idea what I mean. Green ^__^
Oh and also was colourful dressed yesterday to take away the winter-blues:

For more details: Chictopia Post with more pics

Wish you all a great week, soon it's weekend!


  1. ich denke mal das grüne kleid wird der oberhammer wenn es fertig ist :D
    und dein rotblaues outfit vertreibt wirklich den winter-blues! dumm nur, dass ich diese farbkombination hier nicht selber tragen kann, weil dann alle denken würden, ich sein ein extremer fan des lokalen fussballclubs (blau-rot!) ^^

  2. Thank you so much for your review on my outfit! You are so kind! I am following you!

  3. veeeeeeeeeeeeery nice!bravo!you are really good!plus i love the red coat!

  4. that green dress is gorgeous.xx

  5. Hiya chick! Your drawing is impressive dear, well done. Your a very pretty girl :)

    You have a bold unique look because i would never go out in bright colours like that, im boring all i wear is black! Your style is inpirational and clever, keep it up!

    yours, Elizabeth.


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