Sonntag, 13. Februar 2011

I put some new shoes on...

Hey there!
Sorry for not blogging for so long... my Internet was down, because our Router didn't work, so we got a new one yesterday and now it is working again. It is so great to be connected to the world :D We even didn't have a telephone, only our mobiles. I am also sick again since Thursday, it really was awful on Friday, so I took a day off to get well. I really am better now. Plus I'm taking meds to improve my immune system. It gets on my nerves that I'm sick every stupid week, especially now the final exams are coming.
To show some pictures, I've got new shoes:
Cute, aren't they? They were an emergency bought. I was on my way to my fav dancewear-store, had a long way to walk, and wuuush - the heel of my shoes were caught somewhere. But I noticed it only a while later. So I had no chance to find the heel again. So I decided not to destroy my shoe by walking - or better: hobbling - the whole way down and back. That's why I disappeared into the next shoe-store and came out with these. Not expensive, cute, and it matched my outfit well enough. Plus they have no heels that could stick into the cobble stone pavement.

Oh and I had to play soccer at school. That's what came out:
In real it looks even worse :D
Really, I suck at soccer. The ball hit me with an extraordinary speed, I though my spinal disc was somewhere where it wasn't before. And it hurts like hell. Now it hurts when I'm doing a split with the left leg in front because of that shit. I hate ball games. But I'm lucky we're doing Badminton now. The balls aren't that big and heavy at least.

Now that my Internet and phone was working for almost 24 hours I'm looking forward to have it longer now.
So... read you very soon ^_-

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