Dienstag, 1. Februar 2011

Prom dresses!

Well, finally I saw something that made my heart beat faster and that translated my ideas. All I've got to say is: 50's cocktail dresses!

They all look so gorgeous! Source expect the last one: Vintageous, last one seen on http://www.poshgirlvintage.com/
That's exactly what I thought of: I'm gonny use my green corset and only sew a skirt for it. Dark green like the corset. Or even black if I don't find the right green. With the wrong green underneath, so it is appearing darker. I'll draw something tomorrow with my new copics! Too bad I only have coral and three different flesh colours by now. They are quite expensive so I know what I wish for Easter :D Well, green and black tulle. Shouldn't be that expensive, right? The skirt piece looks a little balletish :D To make it look more modern I wanna take the idea of the dress I had on my last post and add a piece of tulle to one shoulder. Would make the look more 21st century. Well, I'll draw my dreams in Maths tomorrow!
Read ya tomorrow in the afternoon ;D

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  1. 50's cocktail dresses are so stunning...I've been watching a lot of 'Mad Men' lately, and I've fallen in love with that style. :)


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