Dienstag, 10. April 2012

Chaussure grotesque

Bored of simple plain black pumps? Well, here's an inspiration for fresh design.
Some strange footwear I found around in the Internet. Every shoe is purchasable, they aren't design museum exhibits. Purchasable... but not for me, in most cases.

Here's my first example and the ones I maybe buy one day when I've got too much money left.
These gems are by Dsquared, the heel looks like a spine. Sadly I've seen them mostly as booties, I'd like them better as sandals. They are already quite old I guess (2010 collection?), so it's hard to find them. I found a boots-version of 'em a few weeks ago, sadly I haven't bookmarked the page. But it was something between 120€ - 160€... Still affordable. They are one of a kind. Spine heels...

If shoes could kill... These shoes with a gun heel definitely could kill my bank account. They're by Chanel and for sale, yep. But totally out of my league. I can't spend over 2000€ for freakin' shoes. But they are interesting, aren't they? Madonna was spotted wearing them. Not that this matters. Just writin' as proof these are real. Damn it. Killer-pumps.

These are for all the lipstick lovers. And I even like the whole shoe. These two forever-lasting lipsticks are by Alberto Guardini, I saw them for somewhat around 400€.

So... these are "simply" modified. That's what makes this concept even more interesting. In fact this is a simple platform-shoe, made unique with addable straps, spikes and crystals sold by (In)decorous Taste.

You can decorate every shoe with these straps. Your own creation, your unique shoe. The idea is fascinating, it even seems to work with flat shoes.
By the way, they've also got a nice blog.

Next up is my green lace dress, it's done! Finally...

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