Mittwoch, 25. April 2012

Outfit-post: Black veils and paillettes

(Max Raabe - Song of Mandalay)

Hey girls (and guys),

another outfit post from me... after a long lime, 'cause my old cardreader couldn't read the CF-card these pics were on. That's what happens when you let your dad take your pics... You maybe won't be seeing outfit-posts until next week because I was falling off my bicycle today. Quite heavily. I'm wearing bandages around both hands right now and my knee looks awful. And everything just because I didn't want to be late and did overtake a car too near to the pavement... However, it will heal.

Occasion for this dress was a concert of Max Raabe, one of the few German singers known worldwide. Well, or at least, not only here. It was awesome, he was singing perfectly, making jokes (I really like his dry sense of humor), the orchestra was great (bass saxophones... where can you hear such instruments nowadays?) the concert hall in Karlsruhe looked great, but there were too things disappointing me. Firstly, the people weren't dressed right. Of course most men were wearing suit, some not, but the ladies... It's okay "just" wearing a costume or pantsuit, not everyone loves to dress up (apparently, I do), but I don't think it's adequate to wear denim, a striped shirt and a little rucksack to a classical/swing/whatever concert. In my opinion it shows a lack of respect for the artists. The other thing was that the female violinist did playback sometimes. You can't hide that on a violin. What confused me was that she could play awesomely. The solos she played live were great. She can do it. So why? Just to make the well known songs sounding perfect?

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