Dienstag, 15. Mai 2012

Outfit-Post: Don't break, don't break...

...my heart, and I won't break your (goddamnfucking) heart-shaped glasses...

Nooooo, I'm not posting this song. It's just the tune that's playing in my head each time I'm wearing these glasses. They were a great reward I got at Chictopia. The seller itself is shopcalico (click here ;D), a supercute store with supercute accessory. So... thanks Chictopia for these glasses! I've been searching so long for them. For anyone not on or even not knowing Chictopia, here you go (click click click...).

And now the outfit itself. With my favourite glasses and my favourite summer dress. Featuring cheap heart-shaped purse I bought in Dublin.

Have a nice week, dear readers!
(Everything is better than my week, desperately working on catching up with studies...)

P.S.: On the topic of heart-shaped glasses and Mr. Manson:
Evan Rachel Wood confessed via Twitter that "he did". She's been asked by a fan.
Another stupid trivia: He recently trumped some heart-shaped glasses at a concert with his knife-shaped microphone. Someone front row was wearing such glasses (pink - maybe that's why...), he took them, broke them and threw them back somewhere in the middle of the audience. I'll NEVER wear these glasses to a MM-concert. He still must be pissed. 

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  1. Gorgeous, dear. That dress fits you wonderfully and is so cute and fun. Love that wistfull look in shot 4 the best :)


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