Dienstag, 17. April 2012

Home, bordeaux home...

Hey there,
I'm back in Passau, studying goes on and holy sh... There's a lot to do.
But at least my flat looks a little more like I'm living 'round here.
My parents helped me last weekend with these nice little wallpapers. It's much more decorated now. I hate plain white walls, so this was the easiest way. And I love the result. I just need to frame some pictures now, then I'm done with everything I guess. Soooo... that's how my place looks right now:

in fact this is a part of a whole wallpaper, I've cut it off to make such a border beneath the door-frame
green wall... maybe this will lead me to sleep more ;D
the curtain in my sleeping room, everything's red in my whole place ô_Ö

The wallpaper I've cut in full view ;D

I've made a kind of frame for my living room part of the room, the other part is the kitchen. It lacks some pictures above the coach.
The living room has the same white/red curtain with additional dark red curtains as in my old room. Very dramatic looking... I somehow like the whole color-theme. Dark red, white and black. Sadly I've got wooden furniture in my sleeping room, but well... It can't be all white. It still looks okay in here.


  1. Very nice! :)


  2. loving the color accents in your flat! nice wallpapers =)

    xo Ola


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