Sonntag, 13. Mai 2012

Outfit-Post: Clouds in my coffee

No, this song isn't dedicated to anyone. I just love the "clouds in my coffee" line. And the song itself. Just as a disclaimer.

First off: I'm incredibly sorry I haven't written or uploaded anything these weeks. I had absolutely no working Internet connection. I don't count my mobile-connection as working. At least, not for blogging. It took me two weeks and three dates to get my connection installed. I hate installers. I freakin' hate these guys. Though the guy that actually appeared spontaneously after I terrorized the secretary was quite nice. Best part of it, I even understood him, which isn't usual here in Bavaria...
Anyhow, now I'm gonna blog, despite upcoming exams. I need distraction from Constitutional Law. The German and the UK one. Enough excuses, it's gettin' spring here, I already removed the coats from my closets and brought the cute little summer dresses back. Here we go, a first glimpse of spring!

The blazer always reminds me of all those classical philologists at my former school and at university... It's a strange trend among them. Plaid blazers, mostly in earthen tones, and with leather patches... But for whoever's sake they ain't wearing shorts!
By the way, I bought the matching blazer months after I bought the shorts. They're from the same set, as you can notice.. The shorts weren't in the store then anymore. But the blazer wasn't in store when I bought the shorts. Plus while the shorts have EU size 34, the blazer is 38. I don't get these sizes...
Oh and I'm beginning to like my new old hair-color. Though it's getting damn hot in the sun with black hair.

So, have a nice week, and be prepared for the next post soon! ^__-

P.S.: U like my new header?

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