Freitag, 4. November 2011

you came to see the mOBSCENE

Hey there guys,
hope you've had a creepy Halloween on Monday night ;)
Just a short post showing how my outfit and makeup turned out. I didn't have Internet the last few days, but it was funny that I didn't even miss it 'cause I had so much to do. But yeah, that's the reason for this late post. Hope you'll like it anyway. Fuckin' campus Internet-connection.
By the way, hype if you like, it's also on Chictopia.

The makeup took one freakin' hour, but the rest was easy. I've been a pin-up mObscene girl :D
Hey Marilyn Manson, let me be your background dancer! ^_^

Well, now I'm back on studying. I already have so much to catch up to 'cause I did nothing last weekend.
Have a nice weekend ^__-

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  1. You look absolutely amazing! The make up looks professional and the outfit is very shmexy! Hahaha and I love the fact that the first picture looks like you're wearing a tophat but it's actually the plater. :-D Your corset is gorgeous.


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