Sonntag, 10. April 2011

Shopping finds again!

Hey there!
Just wanna share my latest shopping finds quickly. I'm busy again with our "Abi-paper" (a kind of journal for and about our year), with learning for my last history exam, and so on...
So, here is my new fav jewelery:

Bought at Bijou Brigitte ;)
And the other two pieces were a basic white tank top and these two shirts, because I found out I almost don't have any shirts, only blouses:

Both from Zero. I only bought the offwhite one two sizes bigger because I wanted a loose shirt.

And I'm still feeling sick by the way. But I don't wanna use this post to complain now ;)


  1. Great finds. Love the jewelry...I always feel like I have nothing to wear. Like this morning. It seems like even though I keep buying stuff, I never feel like wearing any of it on certain days. There, I complained now!

  2. das letzte shirt ist mein favorit, tolle farbe und toller ausschnitt!
    wünsch dir gute besserung und viel glück bei all deinem abi-zeug (kann kaum glauben, dass es bei mir schon bald ein jahr her ist :-O)

  3. I have nearly the same "clock", and I love them!
    get ready that everybody will attack your chest now, to see what are you wearing ;D


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