Freitag, 8. April 2011

Happy Birthday, Vivienne!

The mother of punk is getting 70 today! Well, speaking about age isn't that nice, but hey, she still looks gorgeous, doesn't she?
And her collections surely don't look like they are made from granny :D
Young at heart and I'm an even bigger fan of her now since I've got her hair colour ^_-

F/W 2011 Gold Label Collection

By the way, my favorite pieces of her collections are always the shoes and accessory. I could buy everything if I had the money :D
For example:
aren't they awesome?

Fashion wouldn't look the same as now if there wasn't a Vivienne Westwood, so keep on rockin' dearest Vivi, we all love you ;D


  1. sie ist so eine wichtige frau der modebranche....bin immer wieder beeindruckt von ihr. und die schuhe sind ja ein absolutes kunstwerk!

  2. Gawsh aren't her shoes amazing?

    I hope you are feeling better! Are you?


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