Mittwoch, 13. April 2011

Outfit post, please help me decide!

Hey there guys ;D
My mom shot some photos for me and I really need help to decide which one I should upload on Chictopia, LB etc. Not only because of the pics themselves but also in question of photo editing. I tried some things there. And in the end they look so different from each other now. Fortunately I still have the originals.
Oh and in question of other stuff: I'm feeling better again! Still coughing, but much better with hay fever because it's raining sometimes again. The other thing is, I'm searching for universities now. I'm gonna study Law, so I'll have to decide. But for now it seems like I'm moving to Bavaria soon ^_^ Oktoberfest, I'm comin' ^^
Right, photos. Here they are, I wore my beloved coat and a very cute Primark skirt I bought in Dublin, because the floral pattern had gone so well with the sunny weather on that day. Do you too have some clothes you've got specific memories with? That you've bought on a trip and so on? Well, I think sometimes that's exactly why I need to shop when I'm on city trips. I hate all that souvenirs. Ordinary souvenirs like these I <3 xy-Shirts. But clothes that mean only something specific to me, that remind only me of something, are something so different.
So, before I'm degressing again:

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  1. wow, tolle farbkominationen - alles so hell und frühlingsmässig :D
    ich liebe deine schuhe und deinen trench.

    hm... ich würde ein bild mit und ein bild ohne trench posten, d.h. ich würde das 2. ohne trench und das 3.-letzte bild nehmen.


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