Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2012

In the cold light of Constitution...

(music: Placebo - In the cold light of morning)

Exam preparations are eating my time. So, not many posts.
Anyway, I need to show off two nice pieces lovely Lotte sent me in the funniest package I've ever seen. Fashion-mail :D

Short woolen black skirt.

simple LBD - I need an occasion for this! I'm looking like Christina Hendricks in Mad Men wearing it.

And today I've taken the mini skirt out for a walk to the lecture... Note: It was snowing when I went out and raining when I went back home and the snow still was lying on the ground. All the snow slipped into my shoes. I'm sure I'm getting sick now. Again. Don't wanna...

No pics outside because it doesn't stop raining... And as it never stops raining I'm getting more and more depressed over Constitutional Law. I hate it. I love every other aspect of law, but I hate Constitutional. I'm feeling so mindfucked right now... Well, there's no help. Maybe a nice party will help. And the thought of coming home for next weekend. You have a better weekend than I have, guys.

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