Donnerstag, 29. März 2012

Outfit-Post: I've still got reflection

Hey there, readers!

Thought I'd died? Ill weeds grow apace.
This time it was the usual things that distract you from posting. Firstly: I've got limited wardrobe here. Especially the first weeks of vacation, 'cause I just brought stuff for two weeks home, while I was staying three. Means: OMFG, I've got nothing to wear! O_O
No, not exactly. In fact, there has been a lot of things and outfits I wanted to post. But somehow... I've been too busy playing video games (now I wanted to have the Video Games song by LDR in here, but Youtube messes it up. Maybe I'm patient enough to insert it right tomorrow.). And I've learned one thing: It doesn't get better in college. At least, not in the matter of motivating yourself to get your lazy ass off to study. I've made so many plans and did almost nothing. But it's always that way. At least I've got all furniture in my new place, also the stuff that I still had to buy, now it's just about decoration when I'm back after Easter. You also may notice in this new outfit post that I've got dark hair again. Back to nature. If that still is my natural hair colour somehow. I can't tell. But as it's just semi-permanent colour I'm gonna dye it all black. The semi-permanent thing was black, but it didn't cover the bleached part enough. I'm sick of all that dying, so black is the most convenient way. Plus it matches every colour. Not that I'm wearing too much colour at all, but I haven't worn some (pale) violet clothes since almost a year now. And I can wear that cute little red tophat I bought some when. Speaking of buying... The next post is gonna be a haul-post. Plus some stupid candid photos. I'm just posting this outfit now to start posting again... Let's hope I'll keep posting. Let's hope for good self-confidence. The last few times I wanted to do an outfit post I've deleted everything because I thought I'd look like shit. Don't worry about my language that is more vulgar than usual, I'm too tired to write properly and to behave myself. I just wanna get this done, so I'm not tempted to delete these photos from my library. By the way, no, I'm not only wearing black these days. I still wear "normal" things. But right now I feel better in that Gothic look. By the way 2: Leather choker gifted by my awesome boyfriend. It matches my boots well, doesn't it? ^^
Enough said.

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  1. Glad you're not dead! :-D Love the last picture and I'm curious about the haul post! The dark hair looks great on you and I can imagine it's a lot easier to just do that when you're growing out your "natural" color again. Great outfit as always, again: super hardcore boots, I'd feel so strange to instantely be so much taller! I already feel strange when I'm wearing high heels, let alone these 30 centimeter (:-D) high boots! Anyhoo, I love the sheer skirt and the gloves too. And I'm glad your move went well! :-)


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