Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012

These boots are made for... at least, showing them up!

(music: KMFDM - Dogma)

Hey there readers,
I haven't been around lately. As it's the end of the semester, I've got (and still have) exams driving me mad. Plus: I've got a new PC. Everyone with only a slight obsession with games knows how and why I've spent every free minute with that. At least, I've got new boots to show you! My awesomely awesome Demonias. I'm 14cm taller in them, he he ^_^
I don't know why, but I seem to prefer goth style in winter. Though it is freakin' cold.


  1. DAYUM those boots are HARDCORE :-D Are they at least a bit comfy? Is it hard to walk in them? I love love love your style, your hair and the necklace and little cardigan especially! I've missed your posts but man, I have been busy as hell too. So I totally get it. Anyhoo, love to read your posts and see your outfits, you're always so interesting and you are one of the few fashion bloggers that I actually really enjoy seeing the outfits of. :-)

  2. danke für den gückwunsch, voll lieb! :D
    und ALTER! mit den Schuhen bist du bestimmt so groß wie ich!!!
    Krasse Teile, Hammer!!!


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