Montag, 10. Oktober 2011

Up to new worlds.

(Soilwork - Stabbing The Drama)

Hello world, I've got my Internet-connection back! Since today I've officially moved. Well, just a few words about it, the uni-housing is old but the people are fun. It's just sad that we've got a PS3 down there but no good games. Calls for me buying something :D
The first week now is just about exploring and discovering. I guess I'll see every pub/bar/club this week, already saw some, but the only club I was in yet was... well, not my taste. But the main topic for me this week: Metal Invasion! ^_^ I simply love festivals and the line-up is pretty amazing, though the tickets aren't expensive. Soilwork is one of the bands playing there, but the headliners are of course Amon Amarth, As I lay Dying and Bolt Thrower. I'm also already excited about Die Apokalyptischen Reiter.
And before I'm writing too much, picture flood, so you may get an idea 'bout my new room.

 Also I've got some new shirts. Well, two. Remember the voucher I had? I didn't buy shoes :D
I found similar pumps for less, so I'm gonna buy them. 80€ still is much for me. And these two blouses cost 50€ together.

 And I was searching sooooo long for a nice dark brown blouse to match my BTSSB-Alice-print-dress. Now I've got one. It's a satin-like fabric, so it's a little shiny, but I like it anyway. And I love the dark red and the peter-pan-collar of the first one.

So, keep rockin'!


  1. So ein schönes Zimmer, richtig toll gemacht :) Vielleicht besuch ich dich mal.. ;)
    Und mir gefällt vor allem die rote Bluse mit dem Kragen, die Dunklere ist natürlich auch hübsch. Gute Investitionen ;)

  2. Wow! Just moved in and already all decorated and everything!?
    I'm amazed. I love your artwork.

  3. You have such a lovely room :) This inspires me to do something more creative with my room space. Love the tree and car on the wall. So cute.

    xx, Ally

  4. Your room is so pretty! I love your decorations- looks like something out of a catalogue. There's a certain quaintly cluttered charm to it.

  5. love your room, dear. especially your british taxi picture..<3

  6. Damn girl, you've done wonders with the place! Dorms are usually so chic!

  7. The blouses are gorgeous and your room looks very cosy! I wouldn't mind living there myself!


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